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Live the Nature -
La Limonaia -
Azienda Agricola

The FarmHouse, produces handcrafted wines of high quality, structured but delicate and fruity red wine, kind and soft white wine, to drunk as an aperitif in the garden, in the company.


In the small garden surrounding the property are planted instead, always biologically, many vegetables and fruits are seasonal, such as tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini and salads which guests can use throughout their stay.

Inside the building there is a small restaurant available for guests and is open on reservation, where you can enjoy numerous recipes of the renowned Tuscan cuisine, known worldwide for its simplicity and for its simple flavors, still strongly linked to its traditions: a rustic kitchen, peasant, but at the same time refined, noble, always accompanied by a sense of proportion and the absolute respect of the ingredients.

Wedding & Events
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